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4 April 2019
U+I Head Office, London Victoria

Industry expert

 Hazel Joseph

Hazel Joseph

Allford Hall Monaghan Morris Architects , Associate Director

Hazel joined the practice in 2002 after graduating.

Since then she has worked on projects across the sectors, of varying scales, including those in the arts, housing, commercial and master planning sectors.

Notable projects include Barking Town Centre, William Street Quarter Master Plan, Anne Mews, Grove House, Capital Building in Embassy Quarter, Nine Elms, Brentford, and a number of projects with the Barbican Arts Centre, including insertions into the public foyers and creating a new cinema on White Cross Street.

Hazel is currently responsible for the redevelopment of the BBC Television Centre, a large scale masterplan which transforms the iconic site into a mixed-use development combining significant new build elements with a suite of refurbishment works.

In 2008 Hazel was made Associate and in 2010 an Associate Director.

Completed Key Projects:

2006 Barbican Arts Centre, London

2010 Barking Central, London

2011 Anne Mews, London

2012 Grove House, London

2013 Barbican Cinema, London

2014 Capital Building, Nine Elms, London

2017 Barbican Retail, London

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