Andrew Wright Collaborate to create

4 April 2019
U+I Head Office, London Victoria

Industry expert

 Andrew Wright

Andrew Wright

Constructive Collaboration , Founder

Andrew Wright is an RIBA architect who champions collaboration in the built environment. He founded Constructive Collaboration (CC) a social enterprise who deliver collaborative solutions for practice. Andrew led the development of a new ground-breaking process that helps teams collaborate effectively. This process is being deployed across some 20 major project and programme teams in construction.

CC deliver broad findings for industry as to what does not, and what does help deliver collaborative success in practice. CC recently delivered an event called Enabling Collaboration (hosted by the Royal Academy of Engineering) and there was unanimous consensus that with new shared common processes, collaborative success can be assured and not left to chance. This marks a fundamental change within an industry that desperately needs systems that support teams so they can deliver collaborative success in practice.


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